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Slowing down the journey

I used to be a “destination” hiker – plow through to get to the final view, hang out and enjoy, and then back again. I’ve tried to mellow over the years and take time to “smell the roses” along the way, not only on hikes but in life in general. Weaving definitely has helped. There are so many steps along the way to the final product that I don’t think I could do this if I didn’t stop and enjoy the steps -- coming up with the plan (pushing my creativity), doing the calculations (exercising my math brain), making the warp (swaying at my warping board), warping the loom (stretching my back to get to those darn threads) and finally getting to weave (getting into the rhythm). But, it does not end there – wet finishing the fabric and finishing it off (sighing with a sense of accomplishment).

Okay, so it hasn’t been all “roses” along the way – I’ve spent several frustrating days with tangled warps, ripped out weaving that just doesn’t do it, ended up with a final fabric that is too dense or too loose….but learning along the way.

I’m slowing down my thoughts and my days, soaking it all in. It is good to take time for family and friends and to do what is really important.

Warps Weaving in process Final product - napkins!

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