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It's too nice to use

In the many conversations I have had about handwoven kitchen towels, I often hear “But it’s too nice/good to use” or “It will get ruined”. I get it - the intricate patterns, the colors, the price - how could this towel be used for anything??

I have several handwoven towels from other weavers that I use in my kitchen. I love using these beautiful towels for simple, everyday tasks. It’s a treat. It can turn drudgery into joy. And most of all, the towels are meant to be used. Well-made towels are durable - they will last for many years. I wouldn’t sop up tomato sauce with one, but almost anything else goes.

So, when thinking about that next wedding, housewarming or holiday gift, there’s beautiful, joyful and durable handwoven kitchen towels.

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