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Community Weaving

Last year, a 3’ by 4’ tapestry loom was handed down to me, along with some wonderful yarns. The empty loom sat in my studio for quite awhile, looking at me and me looking at it, wondering what might happen. Then, it occurred to me - a community weaving!

Next was the planning -- how, where and when. I approached Edna Epelu, owner of Papillon & Company, a very cool store in downtown Metuchen and her enthusiasm for the project was overwhelming. We decided on the plans and launched in September.

On the opening day, some came to the store to specifically work on the weaving, others just wandered in and added their touch. We left the loom set up at Papillon for 3 weeks and I would pop in every few days to see the progress. I was surprised every time!

Here are some of the thoughts written by community weavers in the journal I left by the loom:

This is an amazing joining of thread…, with each other, to make something as unique as our town

and world. - R

So wonderful to be a part of a community art piece. Then to learn a new type of art is even better. - J

I couldn’t be happier to join this community project this morning - weaving a loom with members of our community - a very nurturing, healing and calming experience. - M

Was so happy to participate in this community project….Love the way the weaving of us individuals is woven in with others, building a community. -J

We donated the completed piece to the Metuchen Public Library.

Eunkyoung (E.K.) Ju Adult Services Librarian, Metuchen Public Library

Many thanks to Edna and the people of Metuchen and neighboring communities for their contributions and help with this project!

Edna Epelu, owner, Papillon & Company

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