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The Marimekko fabric has been sitting in my bin for many years, just waiting for the right project. It was given to me by a dear Finnish friend, Pirkko. I met Pirkko and her husband, Larry, in Baltimore in the 1980's and they graciously invited a group of us graduate students to spend time on their undeveloped land along the Rappahannock River in Virginia. Many a weekend was spent in tents on their land, eating eel and crabs from the waters, carrying out ‘scientific experiments’ (how long before a female crab will molt?) and building rafts (using only what was available on the land) for bonfires on the water for the summer solstice. It was a place of beauty, laughter and peace. Both Pirkko and Larry have passed and I do miss them. As I stitched her fabric to my handwoven fabric, I smiled to think about how our lives came together. Thanks, Pirkko.

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